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Chapter 2 of Book 2 of 3

Book 2 Chapter 2

While the three women were getting settled into Hotel La Jolla in La Jolla Shores and changing their clothes to go up to the roof top lounge, two thousand miles away in San Miguel de Allende two women met in a spacious stone room reached only by an underground tunnel. The torches in the room revealed ancient hieroglyphics chiseled along each wall. In the middle of the room was a square stone, about 15 feet high, with wooden turning wheels at the bottom. Men stood near the wheels, ready for the order to turn the spools.
Itza turned to Rose, “So, Demetrio has made White Vampires? Does the church know of this?”
Rose said, “I assume so, since Sister Helga is Demetrio’s friend. She surely would have informed them.”
“If the church supports the White Vampires against us, this means war, and it won’t be pretty. I hope they don’t know about your activities at the pyramid, Rose, because that might be cause for official sanction. What happens between us vampires is our business, especially when a vampire kills another, even if it’s a White Vampire.”
Itza then turned and ordered the men behind her, “Bring the last one here.” Several servants, adorned in Mayan ceremonial garb, bowed and left. “By the autumn, it will be all over anyway. In the meantime, we can pretend we don’t know about these little white ones.”
“Besides I think I can turn one of them to our side,” said Rose.
“Which one?” Itza asked.
“The blonde, the shape-shifter, she cannot control herself when she is angry.”
“Good, turn her then. But I get to kill her when you are done with her. I don’t like being made a fool. I hate shape-shifters, they’re so unpredictable and can be so violent.”
The Priests brought in a body completely covered in a sack except for the feet. They pulled the sack off to reveal a naked woman, a vampire. She pulled to free herself but the two priests held her firmly; they forced her up some steps that lead to the top of the box. “Oh, please your highness, please. I did not see anything. Let me go,” the woman begged. The men dropped her, as she screamed for her life, into the box.
“Begin,” Itza ordered. The men began turning the wheel and the box began to crush the screaming body. “Tell me Rose, have you ever drank the blood of another vampire?”
“No.” Rose responded in shock.
Itza said, “As well you shouldn’t; only an elder like me can do it.” They heard the bones crushing and the flesh and organs squeezed and popped like bubble wrap. Then they both watched as the blood trickled down chutes toward the open mouth of a stone idol then into a stone pitcher. “It’s quite delicious, a beautiful mixture of several flavors, different depending on who their last victim or victims were.” Itza told Rose.
“Don’t worry,” said Rose, “everyone who saw the incident is dead, except for Julia.”
Itza snarled and laughed at the same time while saying, “I have something in mind for her. I’m not going to kill her, but I want her to suffer. So, I’m going to take what she loves most - her voice. I’m going to cut out her tongue and eat it in front of her.”
After Itza drank, another priest approached her and whispered a secret into her ear and she smiled in approval. Rose noticed the grin on Itza’s face and asked, “Pardon me, but has something happened?”
“Yes, most delightfully, yes. It seems that one of Demetrio’s little ones has killed.” Itza spitted this out with pure joy in her voice.
Rose was surprised that their predatory nature had set in so soon. “Really, who? It wasn’t time for them to drink blood.”
Itza explained, “It was not a need, it was for revenge, sweet revenge. They think they have escaped my grasp, but I have been keeping an eye on them. They are embarking on a journey of revenge, thinking to set some things in their past right. How pitiful; if only Demetrio were alive to see his offspring go asunder and away from that stupid, ‘children of the light’ dogma. What a waste; she did not even bother to drink the blood of her victim or eat his juicy parts.”
Itza was vibrant with the blood she had drank and twirled in a dance of ecstasy toward Rose. She drew her close to her breast and repeatedly kissed her neck. Rose wasn’t particularly in the mood, but when around Itza, “no” wasn’t an option. Rose asked Itza, “Is this good for us?’
“Everything is good. The Church will side with us if any of this reaches them. They have killed a mortal,” Itza said. She pushed Rose down by the shoulders to her knees. She grabbed her hair and forced her lips to her pelvis.

Sister Helga was returning from the market with one brown bag of groceries. She was alone again, maybe for good, but hopefully the girls would return safely before the next full moon. They would be great assets against the evil vampires under Itza. Yanira, the young girl, was cured, and her blood was no longer acceptable to the night vampires. She came to a lonely street where Itza’s three henchmen were waiting for her.
They pulled their guns and one said, “Forgive us, Sister, it has to look like a robbery.”
Sister Helga dropped her bag and softly said, “May God forgive me.”

As far away as three blocks people heard the shouting and gunshots, till there was nothing more except the silence of night. Three boys ran to the scene and began vomiting. A policeman arrived and held back his purge. Three were dead; two were torn to pieces while the third was found twisted like a pretzel. An empty bag of groceries was scattered about the street.


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