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Chapter 6 of Book 2 of 3

Chapter 6

The Cardinal was walking along the basilica halls when the Bishop of Guanajuato, Armand Cortez, approached him. “Your eminence.”
“I trust you have news of the three?”
“Yes; apparently, one has killed.”
“Which one?”
“We are not sure.”
“That’s going to be difficult. Are we sure it was one of them?””
“Yes, our agents in the Baja police department have examined the site. It was reported as an animal attack, but it seems to be a case of supernatural means. Also, a security camera captured a video of a naked blonde woman walking away from the scene of the murder.”
“It’s too bad, when you first came to me and let me know that Demetrio had sired three vampires, I had hoped that they would follow his path. With him gone they are like a boat without a rudder.”
“Well, apparently they are learning; on their latest adventure in San Diego they have killed no one. But have helped many.”
“Good, then there is hope.”
“Hope? Your eminence?”
“Yes. Demetrio has kept his promise to never sire White Vampires. It was a sad mistake the Church made. Now, these dark creatures roam unheeded. The old war between them was lost long ago in Europe when the Church convinced both vampire races to come together. Then over the years the great White Vampire families have disappeared, or hidden even from us,” answered the Cardinal.
“The night vampires have kept their agreement, despite their misgivings,” responded the Bishop.
“Only because they have eternity on their side. I believe they are simply waiting.”
“The abomination is here as well.”
“She is?”
“Yes, your Eminence, she was the one who informed us about what is happening in San Diego.”
“Still, I’ve never trusted her,” said the Cardinal.
“I as well, your Eminence, even though Demetrio did.”
“It is hard to believe even after all these centuries; she truly believes she is human. Have we ever confronted her about it?”
“No, it was with the consent of the church officials. An opportunity arose during ‘El Grito.’ So, there was no need to confront her with it. It was at the same time that Rose, a bruja, became a White Vampire. Then she joined forces with Itza and we have been watching and waiting to see what they will do with their joined powers of being both brujas and White and Night Vampires. A lot of our problems today are because of those events.”
“It is amazing though, how she walks along all the time as one of us and fits in well. She has truly mastered acting human in every way. She has even been able to hide her being an abomination from Demetrio. Having the ability to walk amongst the humans and the creatures of the day and night gives her power. She has been helpful letting us know of evil plots. The Popol-Vuh gives mention to the discovery of her in the new world.”
“How did the conquistadors find her?”
“Literally under a rock. The old text mentions that we were tearing down a temple when one huge boulder was removed.”

While the Bishop was speaking to the Cardinal on the other side of the basilica, Itza dressed flamboyantly with her breasts almost popping out of her formal long black dress, waited impatiently. Her companion, Rose was dressed as inappropriately as well, after all when visiting the Cardinal at the basilica, one had to dress appropriately, but it was night and Itza was a creature of the night and this was not a visit of necessity but a formal hearing. The secret that Itza hoped to keep was out.
“What the fuck happened?” asked Itza.
“They negotiated an agreement at the university,” said Rose.
“Negotiated? I thought the three were on a journey of blood and vengeance.”
“Apparently, they figured that was not the best solution in San Diego.”
“What about the blonde, I thought you said you could influence her?
“Yes, but that would be in Fresno. I have great hope when they are there.”
“Good, after today I want you to leave for Fresno.”
“It’s good, that the Church knows, don’t you agree?” asked Rose.
“I suppose, they won’t rule today, I’ll pretend I’m displeased and demand satisfaction.”
“What will you demand?”
“Julia is in hiding, someone is keeping her, but night vampires and the Church don’t do well together, so I doubt it is the Church that’s hiding her. I have an idea what to ask for. We have to do something to help agitate things in Fresno. But first tell me how they dealt with the University.”
The two women entered a larger room where numerous Church, government and dark creatures awaited. They stood still at the entrance.
It was a formal hearing of the council; where disputes, issues and complaints are heard, filed and decided. The Cardinal sat in his chair and motioned to the Swiss guards. “Let them in.”
The guards stepped aside and in came Itza and Rose. The Cardinal immediately scowled at Itza displaying her large breasts. “Really, Itza have some respect for the Church and cover yourself.”
“Maybe I should have come dressed more to your liking - like a boy.”        
The insult made the Cardinal rise abruptly and point his cross towards her, and she cowered immediately. “I’m in no mood for games woman. You’ve taken my busy schedule to file a grievance. Now, damn it let’s hear it.”
Itza was humiliated as some onlookers took delight in seeing the vampire Queen being put in her place. She stood up and adjusted her dress to cover a little more.  Rose was staring at her while standing right next to her and Itza slapped her.” Don’t look at me!”
The slap was so hard that Rose's lips bled.
Itza complained, “Three White Vampires have been created, without permission, a violation of the treaty. Demetrio was always seen as a friend of the Church, maybe that leaves…”
She was cut off in mid-sentence. “Hold your tongue woman, Demetrio had always been upright with the church and we are saddened that he is gone. But, he did not get permission from us. Now, where are the three?"
Cortez spoke “They left San Diego and are on their way to Fresno.”
“What is the reason for this trip?”
“Revenge, your Eminence,” Itza spoke. “Evil unbridled revenge; they have killed a mortal, another violation of the treaty.”
“They didn’t know of the treaty.”
“As we are constantly reminded, during unfortunate incidents, ignorance is no excuse. They are now White Vampires and they have killed. Under the treaty they must perish.”
“That is the treaty law.” interrupted the Bishop. He lowered his head after the Cardinal stared at him sternly.
“Three White Vampires,” the Cardinal muttered, “Why did you kill Demetrio, Rose?”
“Jealously, your Eminence. Even us vampires experience jealous rages. He left me for one of them.”
“So, he loves one more than the others?”
“What happened in San Diego?” The cardinal asked already knowing the answer.
“They went to settle family affairs of the dark haired one, Rebe, as well as to satisfy her grievances with her former employer.” answered Rose.
“Family?” asked the Cardinal.
“She has a daughter?” asked the Bishop.
“A daughter!” Itza whispered and smiled with delight.
The Cardinal stood again. “There will be no actions taken against this girl, I decree.”
Itza frowned.
“Now, did they kill this administrator?”
“No, they simply settled the affairs of one of them, but they are not very good in ‘hiding their tracks’ so to speak. The daughter was left information to contact one of the women,” retorted Rose with confidence and pride.
“I demand satisfaction!” hollered Itza, “they still killed a precious human in the Baja, and they need to pay. If you refuse, well, I don’t need to tell you what that means. I am within my rights.”
“Be quiet woman!” demanded the Cardinal, “I will decide what is within your rights.”
The council members mumbled in disagreement to his disappointment. He frowned and asked, “Did they all kill him?”
“We are not sure, your Eminence.” answered The Bishop.
“Then nothing can be decided until the women are brought here before us to respond to the facts.”
“No, I demand satisfaction today! If this was one of mine their heads would be on spikes this afternoon!”
“There can be no satisfaction.”  spoke the Bishop out of place.
“Then with all witnesses present I have kept to the treaty,” warned Itza, “I have due process to…”
“Wait!” The Cardinal ordered. “I can give you someone.”
Itza smiled, “Who?”
He turned to the Bishop, “You said earlier she was here, so summon Sister Helga.”

In the morning.
A frightened animal hid from corner to corner, running from street to street, alley to alley; not staying for longer than a few hours. She rested this time by a restaurant dumpster, still in the same clothes from almost thirty days ago. She huddled in its shadow, protecting her from the sunlight.
She was found, she thought to herself, this is it, I’m dead. She was trapped. She couldn’t run out into the sunlight; she would burn to death. But, maybe it was better than what Itza had in mind for her. She gathered her courage to stand and run.
“No, mija, stay there.” comforted the invisible voice. “I’m not here for you, Julia.”
Julia cried out, “Where are you, who are you, I can’t see you? How do you know me?”
“I’m here in the shadows like you. Look behind you in the alley.”
Julia turned and looked into the dark alley. From the darkness, a pair of feminine eyes appeared; like the smile of a Cheshire cat, only the eyes appeared.
Dios mio, who are you?”
“I am the dark. La ultima sombra of life.”
Julia realized who was speaking and addressed her. “Seńora de Las Sombras, have you come for me? Am I dead?”
“No, although you should be. You vampires vex me greatly, but you are different. I like you and I take pity on you. I see you run everywhere like a frightened wet feral cat seeking shelter.”
“I can’t trust anyone; Itza has put a price on my head. I can’t leave by night as other vampires are looking for me. I can’t go to the church; my feet will burn on the blessed ground. Oh, goddess, I did not ask to become what I am. I’ve only come to accept it, and I’ve never killed anyone.”
“That’s why I decided to help you.”
Julia smiled, “Help me? Why, goddess?”
“You can call me Flaca, since we are now friends. I’ve come to tell you hope is not lost, a late friend of yours is fighting to come back. I cannot tell you his name, but you know him.”
From the dark alley, a black sombrero rolled toward her. “Take my hat, put it on and no one will be able to see you in the day or night and you can go out in either. This is the dream of both Itza and Rose to walk together in all hours, under the sun and the moon.”
Gracias, senora,” Julia cried. “Con muchisimas gracias!”
“Now, please take a shower and get some clean clothes on. I could smell you in the afterlife.”
Julia kept crying, but it was in gratitude. “Porque?”
“Because we are alike. Like you I did not ask to become what I am. But, like you I’ve accepted it. We both remember what it was like to be human. To be a woman. Besides, I like your singing.”
“I hear it when I stroll in the shadows at night. I liked to stop by and sit down when I heard your voice. When you get your place back, save me a chair in the corner.”
“I will.”

Meanwhile, back down in the dark ruins, Itza had thrown her latest victim into the stone ‘juicer’. The Cardinal had given her Sister Helga. The nun was thrown in about an hour earlier; she had planned to be there as she was crushed but had to see Rose off before she left for Fresno.
She went back to drink her blood, her only satisfaction for the troubling day, escorted by two of her guards into the stone room. When they opened the doors for her she saw the room was in shambles and the great stone cube was broken in half. The servants who turned the wheel to grind the victims were dead.

Her eyes widened in the realization that the Cardinal had sent Sister Helga to kill her. “The old fuck tried to assassinate me.” No one was left alive in the room; Sister Helga had escaped. Although, she was satisfied with the result, after all these centuries she now knew who the abomination was. She widely smiled and her fangs protruded in anticipation, as she said to herself, “War.”


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