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Chapter 9 of Book 1 of 3 as a sample read

At breakfast the women couldn’t eat. Helga continued to pray while each woman thought of her own predicament without Demetrio’s help and guidance.
Bekka thought about what might have been. They sat in the kitchen out of habit rather than thought and stared at each other.
“I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck,” said Rebe.
“I feel like shit,” added Susana.
Sister Helga’s face appeared far more peaceful than they had last seen it. She put her arms around the women and said, “You have survived your first full moon. Since Demetrio is gone, he cannot help you any longer, so I will. I know we are all shocked and grieving in our own ways. But as a nun I can tell you, life goes on and maybe he will be in a better place. He might even return even though the Eagle King did not answer my prayers. But now is the time for nourishment, and I will prepare something for you in the inner courtyard. It will make you feel better.”
The women helped each other to stand and followed Rebe to the inner courtyard. After a few minutes, Susana said, “Something smells delicious.” Rebe agreed, and then sensed someone approaching. 
Hola, señoritas,” said a young woman, perhaps in her early twenties. “I’m here to help with the cleaning. Sister Helga said she will pay me 200 pesos to clean your rooms.” The girl spoke in Spanish but Rebe translated for the others.
Susana savored the girl’s lips. Rebe’s eyes widened, and Bekka’s nipples hardened at the sight of the beautiful young woman. She was wearing a thin floral dress, and the morning sun highlighted her skin. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her small breasts, no bigger that a teacup, drew the glances of the three.
They walked over to her, surrounding her like buzzards circling a dying animal. The girl’s fright aroused them, and each began lightly touching her. The urge was burning from within them, like a sweet-tooth mixed with starvation and spiced with a bit of lust. 
“Don’t you like us?” asked Rebe. The question seemed so simple and easy; the words eased the girl’s fear.
The faces of the women were so calm, honest, and alluring. The words made her utter a short, “Si.”
The three closed in on her, increasing their attentions – the aroma of her hair and natural smell increased their cravings. Susana had begun to massage her lightly from behind. “You like it?” asked Susana, but the question became a suggestion,
Si,” she weakly replied.
Susana removed her own blouse and unbuttoned the girl’s dress. “It’s hot, you should cool yourself,” Susana said softly.
Rebe and Susana reached down and pulled the girl’s dress over her head and threw it next to Susana’s blouse on the ground. Rebe took off her dress and threw it on the pile of clothing. Only Bekka kept her clothes on as the three naked women began to nuzzle.
Susana and Rebe caressed the girl’s breasts and kissed her shoulders and neck and then the girl succumbed to forbidden pleasures and moaned with desire.  She whimpered when Bekka kissed her softly, swallowing her scream as both Susana and Rebe bit into her neck. Her knees buckled, and they lowered her gently to the ground. Rebe then bit into her left wrist while Susana moved to the girl’s tender inner thigh and bit her there.
Once the girl’s screams were over, Bekka moved from her mouth to the girl’s neck and bit down gently. Blood squirted over the upper bodies of Rebe and Susana and onto Bekka’s white dress. They each drank only what they thought was a cup, as Sister Helga had instructed.
Rebe thought, “A cup may be okay, but this is three, and she is still bleeding out.” They stopped and looked down at the poor girl, prostrate on the stone floor of the beautiful inner courtyard. She was bleeding from her neck and thigh. A thick, red pool started to form around her, and the women slowly backed away.
Rebe asked Bekka, in a hoarse whisper, “What have we done?”
“I don’t know; I don’t know what happened,” Bekka faintly replied.
“I think this is the kind of thing we do,” said Susana, “but now who is going to clean our rooms?”
They all started laughing and crying, crying for the fate of the poor girl, laughing because they felt so alive. “This must be what good drugs feel like,” said Rebe, “I feel powerful, but what we did is so wrong.”
The three made their way back to the kitchen, wondering how to tell Sister Helga there was a dead body in the courtyard and wondering why they were not screaming in horror.
Once in the kitchen, they informed Sister Helga about the dead body in the courtyard. They expected her to be horrified, but the nun waved her hand to silence them. “Eat,” she said and walked out of the kitchen.
The ladies sat and tried to eat, but Rebe was in tears, and Bekka chain smoked one cigarette after another, not touching her plate.
Rebe cried out, “We’re murderers; oh my God, we killed that innocent girl! We murdered her; we must have, there was so much blood.” 
Bekka was weeping as well.
Susana was eating away, swallowing one fork full of food after the next, barely chewing and said, “I bit her on her snatch.”
Rebe looked at her in disgust and replied, “Have you no conscience? Can’t you feel for that girl?”
Susana smiled and said, “No, not really.”
Rebe thought their blonde friend was being callous and watched Susana in disgust as she was not giving the poor girl a second thought. She’d seen that attitude before in her military career with soldiers coming back from a fire-fight full of adrenaline, laughing and swapping stories of killing and beheading as if they had been on a hunting trip.
Bekka thought to herself, “She’s a born killer,” and asked, “What about her family, the police… do you think someone is going to ask questions?”
Sister Helga came into the kitchen and saw only Susana needed a second helping, so she served her another plate full of scrambled eggs with chorizo and cheese, larger this time.
Rebe watched the nun who seemed just as ambivalent as Susana to the seriousness of their actions and asked her, “What about you? You’re a person of God. How could you do such a thing, offering that poor girl to us as a prize?”
The nun looked surprised at Rebe’s comment and said, “She was no one, just a street urchin.”
“But she was just a girl!” Rebe screamed and said, “she wasn’t just a no one. She was a girl with dreams and a whole life ahead of her.”
“She was dying,” explained Sister Helga. “We are serving her a kindness. She is a bastard child of the wicked, born from sin. She has been living on the kindness of strangers since birth. She has been prostituting herself since she was twelve and doing drugs, and she caught a disease.”
The three raised their heads with alarmed faces. “Diseased!” Even Susana had joined in.
“Yes, Demetrio told you this town is full of it.”
Rebe looked the nun in the eyes and held her shoulders and asked, “Then why?”
Then Yanira, the same girl, walked in. She was wearing a new dress and carrying cleaning towels. She looked at the women and smiled, “My name is Yanira.” 
Rebe looked in shock at the areas where she had been bitten; the wounds were completely healed, and the girl was smiling and radiant. 
Susana and Bekka just looked on in shock and said nothing. 
Yanira then said, “Buenos Días, Señoras, como están?”
Rebe and Bekka nodded their heads in her direction but Susana asked, “How’s your snatch? It was delicious.”
Yanira looked at her and smiled saying, “No hablo Ingles, Gracias, umm tank yo,” and with that she was off to begin her duties.
Rebe and Bekka sat there, covered in blood, and nonplussed, Bekka asked, “What is she thanking us for?”
Sister Helga said, “We’ll discuss this later. Just please eat now, then change your clothes.”
Afterwards, when the ladies had eaten, showered, and changed their clothes, they met with Sister Helga in the chapel. “What happened?” asked Rebe.
The sister explained, “White Vampire wounds heal quickly. Remember, Susana and Rebe, you didn’t even remember you were bitten. The blood of your prey doesn’t affect you, but you affect them. Demetrio had never sired offspring, meaning you three, so I had to test a theory. We will know in a few days.”
 “What theory?” asked Rebe, “and what do you mean he ‘sired’ us?”
“As for the theory, I’ve been consulting with the church elders about you.”
 “Us! Oh, hell they’re going to drive stakes through our hearts!” shouted Susana.
Sister Helga laughed, “No, they won’t do that, unless…”
“Unless, what?” asked Bekka.
“Just playing,” Sister Helga laughed and clapped her hands together. The women looked at each other, each a bit uneasy. They had never seen the nun smile, much less joke.
“That was a tad creepy, Sister Helga” said Rebe, “or maybe scary.”
Sister Helga gathered herself into her placid countenance again and said, “We think you can heal, heal the diseased of this town and others. I have known Yanira since she was a baby. She needed help.”
“Oh, my God, I thought the girl was dead. How could you let us think that?” asked Rebe.
“Because I wasn’t sure she wasn’t dead, and also because there will be a time when you will have to kill an enemy. You do have them; all of your kind have many enemies. You have to know how that feels and have to understand the consequences. The first feeding is always the worst. You won’t need to feed for the rest of the month. When the next full moon comes, we can work out a system.”
“I can bring men for us to farm so that we don’t have to hunt so often,” said Bekka. “Maybe that guy from the store. He seemed willing to do anything I wanted.”
“It would be best not to. You don’t want too many locals falling in love with you. That would create problems for the church. It is best to go outside the city or even the state or even the country.”
“I can go anywhere and bring a man back here to farm him for a while and then let him go. Also, why didn’t that girl die? That was a lot of blood to lose.”
Rebe then asked, “How did she recover? Why couldn’t she remember anything?”
Sister Helga smiled and said, “You are not the only one with gifts.”
“You said she was a child of the wicked, who was that?” asked Bekka.
“The Canadians!” replied Sister Helga. There was a moment of silence, and then Sister Helga broke out into laughter, noting that the women were so emotionally distraught and mentally lost that they actually believed her for a second and continued, “I’ll explain later. As to your second question, Demetrio has never, to my knowledge, converted anyone to the light. Well, there’s one exception, but he does not have a good relationship with that one.”
“That’s Rose,” said Bekka. “She ran away from him after he turned her.”
Sister Helga replied, “Yes, she did, and that is not normal. There was something unnatural about that. Usually when someone is turned, they try to stay in close contact with their sire.”
“Yes,” said Bekka, “that happened to all of us when we were in Puerto Vallarta. We felt the need to find him. All of us did, not just me.”
“And eventually, he would have been aware of the three of you. For instance, he would have known where you are at all times had he lived. He would have known if you felt frightened. Eventually after hundreds of years, he would have been able to see through your eyes and transfer power to you no matter the distance. But these things only happen after years upon years, and only time will tell if he will be able to do these things from where he is now. For now, I think you should practice your skills and read in the library. I found some books about enchantment, mind control, shape shifting, and there are many books about bruja magic and White Vampire folklore.”

The three did just that; they raided the library and studied for three days, until it was time to go out and meet the mysterious Julia who might have more answers to their questions.

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Book 1 & 2 of the 3 book series.

Our cover painting for book 1 of 3 was made by E.c. Bell. You can see his work on his facebook page with same name. Judith Jenya will do a photograph of it for the book cover designer and then we will auction the painting off for a woman's charity in San Miguel de Allende at our book signing. You can see Judith's work also on her faceook page of the same name.

There is another chapter in this blog with a sample read of Chapter 8 - Book 1.
 Our book summary of book 1:

On a visit to Mexico a mature American woman, Bekka, meets a mysterious silver-haired Mexican man at a nightclub in Puerto Vallarta. After an intense one-night liaison he vanishes and Bekka vows to find him again. In her search she discovers that he met two other women that night, Rebe and Susana. The three women become very quick friends and decide to track down this mysterious man. Bekka felt an emotional and spiritual connection to him, he belonged to her, and she wanted to be with him. She couldn't explain why she felt that way, and Rebe and Susana couldn't figure out why they felt so close to Bekka. The three ladies begin to experience strange dreams and feelings toward each other, a drawing of souls toward one another. They hatch a plot to meet him again, unknowingly throwing themselves into a new beautiful but dark world, a world that few know exists. - the complex and inflexible world of the vampire, or vampiro. Demetrio, as they discovered, was different than other vampires. He could walk in the day, and he could age. He was “A Child of the Light” - a White Vampire whose only weakness was the full moon and only protection was the beautiful pendant he wore. Bekka had hoped to be with him, but as much as he wanted to explore that possibility, he told her the truth - his heart belonged to another and that other had returned to Mexico. He was anxious to reunite with her and had to leave the three women in San Miguel de Allende under the protection of his faithful friend Sister Helga. The Sister would help the three discover their emerging powers and advise them about many future dangers that converged around one name, the one name that would toss their lives into a deeper dark hole - Rose

You can now buy our book as a paper back via this link on Amazon.

A video interview about our book.

A video of a book signing in 2015

Videos made at our book signing March 20, 2016

Interview of Rebecca Fass

Videos of the first book signing in San Miguel de Allende for book1:

Book 2 of 3 is done now & you can buy it as a kindle or hard copy at this link -----

Book signing of Book 2 of 3 in Ajijic October 2017

Tres Vampiras is a series of 3 books. A historical fiction, travelogue and gourmet expedition set in the Corazon de Mexico (the heart of Mexico), San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. In book 1 we met Bekka, Susanna and Rebe, three women who are bitten by a White Vampiro named Demetrio.
A White Vampiro has the ability to roam during the day, and only needs a cupful of blood each month. His only weakness was the full moon. He was able to withstand death during the full moon because of the necklace he wore. As the story unfolds, the necklace was taken from him by Rose when she took his heart out in a ritual sacrifice.
In book 1 the three women were left alone to deal with Rose and her evil lover, the night vampire Queen Itza. With the help of Demetrio’s servants, Sister Helga, Eduardo, and friend Julia, the three learned what it meant to be White Vampiras and to use their powers.
Their adventures continue in Book 2. Bekka, Susana and Rebe visit San Diego, La Jolla, Fresno, Rosarito, and Juarez. They use their powers to gain revenge on old adversaries. While in their quest for vengeance they encounter many mysterious figures that are in a war between good and evil and the church’s involvement.
On their journey they meet Johnny, a brujo who kills cats and young women, Anna, another White Vampire Demetrio had bitten, Mr. Dark, the Vampire King of North America, and finally Rose.
The women also come to grips with feelings and urges toward each other; while Susanna and Eduardo deal with their feelings toward each other.

Read Tres Vampiras book 2 and find out what they learn about Bekka’s shocking condition, and the book’s surprising ending. Book 2 contains everything you want in a book; sex, violence and great cooking recipes!

Tres Vampiras
 Book II of III
Rebecca Fass
 Demetrio Aldana

We would like to thank our families and friends who have encouraged us to write this trilogy. We would also like to thank our friends who asked us to use their names, personalities or businesses in our narrative. Sharon Griffin, who did the final  proof reading and co-authored chapter 13, Susana Cox a character in our book who has gone out of her way with helping our book signings.

(Book 1 Kathleen Carroll was our proof reader.)